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Things to know about Animation course before joining in any college.

Moving images which we see on the screenis converted from the still pictures using a technique called Animation, the animation is a technique in which non-living things are brought in the moving form, nowadays because of animation not only living things are brought into the movement but the non-living things can also move on the screen. In conventional animation, pictures are sketched or coloured manually on a celluloid sheet which disseminates moving pictures to be captured and presented on film. Flash animation, animated GIF, etc. techniques are developed to display on computers.

Animation is a technique which is all over the world nowadays. Every single company in today’s world is using animation and multimedia for their brand's promotions, as it gives life to the non-living as well as a living thing on the screen or in film. When we create or sketch a picture at some point of time we wish it couldmove and then at that very moment comes the sign…