Things to know about Animation course before joining in any college.


Moving images which we see on the screen is converted from the still pictures using a technique called Animation, the animation is a technique in which non-living things are brought in the moving form, nowadays because of animation not only living things are brought into the movement but the non-living things can also move on the screen. In conventional animation, pictures are sketched or coloured manually on a celluloid sheet which disseminates moving pictures to be captured and presented on film. Flash animation, animated GIF, etc. techniques are developed to display on computers.


Animation is a technique which is all over the world nowadays. Every single company in today’s world is using animation and multimedia for their brand's promotions, as it gives life to the non-living as well as a living thing on the screen or in film. When we create or sketch a picture at some point of time we wish it could move and then at that very moment comes the significance of animation because its animation with which our sketch can move and come to life.


When you pass your 12th the very first question arising in your mind is what to do after 12th and when you decide to enter into the world of animation you are taking the right decision, because in the present scenario animation is in the boom, every single firm is looking for an animator. After 12th you can go for an animation Degree course i.e. BSC Animation (Bachelor of Science in Animation), also you can go for a Diploma in Animation for 2 years or 1 year.

After completing your BSC animation (degree course) you can also do MSC animation.

Basically, BSc animation is a perfect course for the creative minds, who want to do something great in their life as an animator.


Most important reason to do animation is the boom in the industry of animation; MNC as well as small scale company both require animators, even the educational institutions require learned animators, for lecturer purposes also.


There are many benefits of animation course but the major ones are as follows:
  •    Animation course brings a motion to living as well as non-living things on the screen & in a film.
  • Animation course helps to bring life to your imagination and bring it to live.
  • Animation course create the animators who are the major requirement of the professional world in the present scenario.
  • Without animation, nothing can be promoted in the world of advertisement industry.
  • Animation course provides greater career opportunities with high packages.
  •  2D & 3D animation are the major techniques which provide benefits and job of animation to the animators.
  • Animation technique is a course which will never fade off from the business world.
Therefore these are the few major benefits of animation course and further benefits you will discover when you will enroll for it.


·    After doing BSC & MSC animation degree course you can not only get placed in a multinational company but also become a lecturer in a college/school or university, you can become a teacher and run your own coaching institute as well.

·        After MSC in animation, the career doors of the education world also opens, as the government has passed the rule to become a teacher/ professor in a college, one must have an MSC animation degree.

·        One can also have a career in animation after doing 12 months diploma in animation, which can also be done after the 10th.

·        So you can have your career in animation with creative skills and innovative mind after your 10th, 12th, Bachelor degree as well as your Master’s degree. At any of the above stage you can have a career after doing the animation course.

·        Salary the package offered to the animators is also very decent and high.

Career opportunities after animation course are very high because of the demand of the creative animators in every industry.


Best faculty, syllabus, and infrastructure are the basic requirement to be the best animation institute.

Join the Minerva Institute of management and technology & you will ready to join the animation industry. Get training from the expert professionals and develop your animation portfolio in, animation course durations i.e. 12 months diploma, 24 months diploma and 3 years (BSC animation degree course).

Minerva Institute of management and technology is the best institute of animation in Dehradun, affiliated from Sri Dev Suman Vishwavidyalaya University Uttarakhand. Minerva the institute provides the government approved degree for Degree courses.

Join Minerva for the best courses in animation, VFX, Graphics designing, web designing, Game designing, and multimedia.

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MINERVA provides admission and placement to the creative animators.


Animation course durations are different depending upon how much time duration you want to give to the animation course and Degree, the course of animation comprises of 2 semesters every year. Generally, each semester has 90 working/ teaching days.

Animation course Durations are:

  Diploma in animation for 12 months
      Diploma in animation for 24 months
      Undergraduate degree for 3 years
      Master’s degree for 2 years


Animation course fee the structure is different for different colleges and university, but here we will tell you about the animation course fee structure of Minerva institute of management and technology,

Registration fee: 1000 Rs. (onetime payment) can be done offline/online.

Admission fee: 5000 Rs. (onetime payment, the registration fee is included in the admission fee).

Uniform fee: 6000 Rs. (onetime payment).

Tuition fee: 30,000 Rs. per semester.

Total numbers of the semester in 3 years are 6 semesters.


Below mention is not exactly the syllabus of animation course but the course content for BSC animation Degree course, semester wise.



  • Fundamentals of Computers.
  • Foundation Course in classical animation.
  • Principles of Animation.
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop).
  • Principles of Animation: PRACTICAL_1.
  • Graphic Design: PRACTICAL_2.


  • Elements of Preproduction.
  • 2D Digital Animation (Flash).
  • Audio Editing (Adobe Sound booth).
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere).
  • Flash: PRACTICAL.
  • Audio & Video-Editing: PRACTICAL.


  • 3DS Max
  • MAYA fundamentals.
  • MAYA Modeling
  • MAYA Texturing
  • 3DS max PRACTICAL.
  • Modeling/Texturing PRACTICAL.


  • MAYA Rigging (Skeletal System)
  • MAYA Skinning & Muscle Systems
  • MAYA 3D Animation basics
  • Digital Compositing (Adobe After Effects).
  • Character Rigging/Animation: PRACTICAL.
  • Digital Compositing PRACTICAL.


  • 3D Character Animation (Maya).
  • Lighting (Maya).
  • Rendering (Maya).
  • Dynamics (Maya).
  • Lighting / Rendering: PRACTICAL.
  • Dynamics: PRACTICAL.


  • Minor project (Individual).
  • Group Project & Portfolio development.

Therefore this is the course content for the animation course.


By now you know what animation is now its time to know as on how many types of animation are there, there is 5 type of animation:


In early days when films were not invented, the wheel called ZOETROPE was used to move the static pictures; this is a wheel in which there used to be the still pictures inside it so that when the wheel spins they also appear moving.

Another example is of FLIPBOOK it is also very similar, in Flipbook, pictures on every page of a book is drawn in a way that when the pages are flipped quickly it appears to be moving or we can say that the pictures drawn seem animated.

  • Clay animation, Flip Books, the making of flips books,
  • Animation set designing (Tabletop).
  • Clay character modelling,
  • Table top Model lighting,
  • The animation table (Lightbox, Field chart, line tests).
  • Gesture drawing, Line drawing, and quick sketches,
  • Drawings from observation, memory, and imagination
Above mentioned are the forms used in classical animation.


 2D animation means 2Dimensional, background, storyboard and characters created in the 2Dimension the environment are the main focus of 2D animation. Encore, after effects, Adobe Flash and Photoshop are the computer software programs used to edit and create the animated pictures. Vector graphics and bitmap are also used to create the animated pictures.

Macromedia Flash, also known as Adobe Flash or Shockwave Flash, is popular computer software used in 2D animation, Adobe Flash player has become a popular program to create animation, advertisements, web pages and presentations since its introduction in 1996. Now it is even used to program games designing and internet applications. Action script is the scripting language that Flash contains. Basically Macromedia Flash is an animation tool for creating movies that run on your computer as well as on the internet using Flash player.

It is now used to create animated and interactive advertisements for web pages. Such advertisements are more impactful than steady advertisements because of the animated sound effects applied to them. In fact, Macromedia Flash itself can create a whole webpage and it is livelier than plain HTML.

With Flash, you can make your own cartoon shows and standalone interactive games and games that can be played on the internet.



Graphic design is a process of communicating visually using text and images to present information.
 Cognitive skills like page layout, visual arts, typography, crafts, and aesthetics are embraced in practice by graphic designing. Product designing and process designing are both referred by graphic designing to generate and create communication.

 SKETCHING plays a vital role in graphic designing process, the role of sketching depends upon the creation, scope, and size of the projects end product.
Role of sketching in digital art depends upon its use whether you are using it to create the product concepts, illustrations, identities, web sites or any other design.
Sketching is more required in creating an illustration or a logo design than in comparison to web design.

The Graphic design process: there are 3 elements of graphic designing.

Concept:  this implies what you want to create?
Form: what process and product you want?
Content: this means that does the process justifies the product? 


        Audio editing is a process in which things are cut, copy, paste, replace and deleted for the different listening purposes; it’s a process in which you manipulate sound. So audio editing is a technique to trim, edit and shift a certain piece of song or recorded audio to make it perfect for further listening purposes.
     You can use Adobe sound booth software to do the advanced audio editing. If you will export audio from adobe sound booth to an audio file format compatible with premiere pro, the audio can be imported to the premiere pro project.

   Video editing is a process in which the video is rearranged and improvised and edited by removing the unwanted scenes from the video, improving sound quality, picture quality, effects for further pleasure viewing and entertainment.
Video editing is generally considered as the process that takes place after the production.

Mainly video editing is done to:

  • Eliminate the undesired footage,
  • Select the desired footage,
  • Create a sequencing flow in the video by removing the unwanted clips,
  • Add graphics, after effects and music, etc.



As the name suggests animation that is 3-dimensional, 3D animations are the animation when we can see the moving object in the 3-dimensional spaces of the digital world. Game designing is impossible without 3d animation. 3D software is carefully used to edit the 3D projects to give them an illusionary effect of animation.


VFX means visual effects, VFX is a process in which imagination is created outside the video shoot in the digital form and then later it is added to the recorded video to give the special effects a realistic effect but it is a little expensive, time-consuming, impossible to capture and dangerous to record in a film. Visual effects are now available to the filmmaker at affordable and user-friendly software like compositing and animation.

VFX AND 3D ANIMATION both are incomplete without each other; 3D animation is used as a part of VFX animation scenes for example in Advertisements and Movies also there are some visual effects in the 3D animations for example; game designing.

3D MAX: 

3D max is software which is believed to be the most powerful software among other software as it provides animation, composing solutions for other industries, rendering and dealing with 3D modelling. Entertainment and Autodesk media developed this software.


Maya 3D animation software, rendering software, simulation, and modelling impart a strong toolset. Maya is used for motion graphics, environment, animation, development of a character and virtual reality.


An animated film for computer screens, television, and cinema, for this sequential drawing, is used. It also includes Animated cartoon films made using 3d modelling, puppets, clay, and many other things. Animated cartoons are created for the purpose of education, commercial and entertainment of kids as well as adults.

The French science teacher was the one who created the first animated cartoon film in 1877.  He did not shoot the film he directly sketched the drawing on a transparent sheet which is also called as a celluloid sheet.

In television, some animated cartoons have been very popular even in the present the scenario they exist; few animated characters are crackle, snap and pop from the Kellogg’s cereals advertisement.


This is also a type of animation but different from another type of animations because it neither relies on the cast nor depicts the story but it creates the iconselements, text and the entire picture to become lively. Stop motion graphic animation is used to design the promotional purpose of animated logos of businesses for commercial purposes.

Stop motion graphic animation is a time-consuming animation technique and this animation technique manipulates the pictures manually and filmed frame wise.

Type of stop motion graphic animation:

OBJECT ANIMATION: it a technique of stop motion animation which indulges the movement of non- sketched objects for example dolls, toys, and blocks, etc. which are not completely workable, for example, wax/ clay and which is not created to match like an identifiable animal/ human character.

PIXILATION: it is another technique of stop motion animation, where the living people movements are filmed and edited so that their movement appears like the animations that are artificial.

Pixilation uses the stop motion technique and doesn’t require any special equipment but some models which were special were used for special effects in movies like King Kong in 1933 for the ape which was a stop motion ape, the Terminator, and star wars films used the stop motion animation models.

CUT-OUT ANIMATION: in this, another technique of stop motion animation the flat images are manually cut from paper or fabric, and it also uses puppets for example animated film of Tim Burton.

CLAYMATION: it is made with plastic figures or clay figures. Where plasticize figures can easily be shaped and moved for their movement cautiously. Claymation is a time-consuming process as a figure is moved in every 12 seconds.

Stop motion is one of the most popular techniques of animation.


Animation industry is versatile as well as a wide stream, there are infinite opportunities which you can explore. But if you want to excel in any particular technique of animation then visit: 
Or visit: to see the student work.

Animation is a technique which never remains the same, it always keeps on developing and changing, there is a lot to maintain your interest.


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